What to Do When You Find Bed Bugs at Work!

When most people think about bed bugs, they think of, well, beds. But bed bugs don’t restrict their infestations to only sleeping situations. They can survive in just about any place as long as conditions are right and they have an active food source – including your workplace! If you find bed bugs at work, it is imperative to act fast to reduce the threat and to return your place of work to a bed bug-free zone!

“Bed” is a Misnomer!

Bed bugs are very difficult to spot because they are so small. Their appearance is close to that of a flea or tick, with an oval shape and appearing larger after they feast on blood. They are nocturnal by nature, which means that they can hide unseen during the day. You probably will never see a bed bug with your naked eye, but they leave telltale signs, like rust-colored blood stains or their feces’ dark stains. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between the bites that come from mosquitos, chiggers, bed bugs, and fleas.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in the Office

Identify and Locate – The first step to getting rid of bed bugs is to make sure that you actually have them and that it isn’t another type of pest. Once you have confirmed that you do have a bed bug infestation, it is important to look at the overall scope of the area that you need to treat and the spread of the infestation. Knowing how bad the overall infestation is will give you a good gauge of how long they have been in your office. Luckily, they reproduce slowly, but unfortunately, they are extremely resilient insects. Put away and disinfect any objects that they could potentially hide in. Look for small holes, cracks, and crevices, and things like cubicle dividers and even peeling wallpaper.
Clean All Infested Areas – Vacuum and clean all infested areas, even those that are hard to reach. After vacuuming, wipe down any hard surfaces using bleach or alcohol. You will probably have to repeat this process weekly for a month or more. For crevices and things like keyboards, you might have to create a “kill chamber.” You can devise one by placing all the items in a sealed container with a pesticide bug bed strip. Leave the items sealed for several days, and then follow the pesticide label for post-kill instructions.

Prevent Further Infestation

Bed bugs are notorious for easily spreading an infestation from one area to another, which might mean that some of your employees have unwittingly brought them home. All items that might have come into contact can be a source of spreading, from briefcases to purses to backpacks. Make sure to inform your employees about the problem and give them actionable steps to contain the spread or to stop an infestation if they have one brewing at their home.

When in Doubt – Call Mypestway

The best way to ensure that you successfully care for a bed bug infestation in the workspace is to hire Mypestway. Bed bugs aren’t just an inconvenience; they can damage your reputation, ruin your inventory, and cost you a whole lot – both emotionally and financially. It is best to hire a service to ensure that you not only catch a bed bug infestation before it becomes a costly one; it is important to make sure that it doesn’t return to cause you more headaches. Contact Mypestway today to schedule your bed bug investigation or treatment!

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