The Dos and Don’ts of Indoor Pest Control

When it comes to indoor pest control, many of our customers are concerned – and rightly so – about the safety of the chemicals we use and how we use them. There are specific pesticides that are safe for indoor use and others that are not. If you attempt to handle your own pest control issues, it is important to adhere to some specific rules. To ensure that you are effectively targeting pests to get rid of them while being safe, hiring a company that handles indoor pest control in Detroit, MI, is essential. If you do engage in management on your own, these are dos and don’ts to follow.

Prevention is the Best Method

Like most things, prevention is almost always more effective than trying to get a handle on a problem after the fact. Pest control methods of prevention should include removing sources of food and water for pests and storing all your food in plastic or glass sealed containers. Fix any water leaks or plumbing before they begin to pool and attract pests. Try not to leave newspapers or boxes laying around, and close off places where pests could burrow and hide.

DO Correctly and Safely Use Pesticides

When applying pesticides, make sure that children and pets are at a safe distance. Do not spray whole rooms; only use targeted pesticide sprays, traps, or baits. Only use a fogging device when absolutely necessary. Before you use any pesticide, make sure to read the instructions and safety warnings carefully and adhere to them completely. Finally, only use pesticides and chemicals that are deemed safe for indoor use.

DO Dispose of Pesticides or Pesticides Containers Safely

Before you blindly dispose of pesticides or pesticide containers, make sure to read the instructions. Many pesticides need to be disposed of as hazardous waste; it is best to check with your waste disposal company before assuming that you can just put it in the trash.

Never Assume Overuse is a Good Thing

When using pesticides, always follow the instructions and the labels. The manufacturer sets the guidelines to maintain safety. So if you use more than you are supposed to, it won’t lead to eliminating pests any faster – it will just jeopardize the health of your home and your family.

Hire a Professional

Although it might seem like pest control is easy, it actually isn’t unless you have the industry knowledge necessary to maintain safety while getting things under control. Pesticides are a necessary evil, but they should also be the last resort after all other measures have been used. A professional company for indoor pest control in Detroit, MI, like Mypestway, will limit exposure to pesticides in your home with the motto “less is more.” Pesticides are used only as a last resort – we believe in good old-fashioned bug-eliminating methods.

Many of our customers are concerned about the use of pesticides in their homes and rightly so; some are safe, some are mildly toxic, and some should never be used. But it takes industry expertise and knowledge to know what is a safe threshold and what is not. If you have a pest control problem, contact us to help out. There is no reason to go it alone when you don’t have to. Investing in a pest control company is much better than investing in pesticides that might or might not be the answer. Schedule your appointment today!

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