Rodent Control

Rodent Removal Company in Detroit MI

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are not only unnerving to see and find; they carry a vast number of diseases. They also, when found in communities, can cause a whole lot of damage to your home and its foundation. 90% of deer ticks that carry Lyme leases are infected due to the footed mouse. The white-footed mouse is very common in the Michigan area, and they are also carriers of the Hantavirus.

Although more common in urban areas, rats are quickly making their way to suburbia. With the many shutdowns of restaurants and commercial properties, rodents are feeding off of food that is left sitting and dumpsters that have enough nutrients to keep them alive. Once those resources are gone, rodents will be in search of new venues, which will bring them into more populated areas.

Rodent Pest Control Detroit MI

Our technicians are trained to find every single entry point on a residential and commercial property. And we are also well versed in high-quality and lasting repairs to keep them out. We commit to finding every entry point that is larger than a quarter of an inch and then we will make sure that it is properly sealed. At Pestway we always use top of the line rodenticides to quickly and safely eliminate a rat or mouse infestation for good.